Stacked Boxes and Cases Statement

As a child we stacked blocks and it was called “building things.” Later, dishes of all sizes were stacked to fit in the cupboard and it was called “organizing things.” When I moved back to my house with another household on top of what was already there I lived with rooms full of stacked cardboard boxes. Once that got sorted out Superstorm Sandy floodwaters pushed the first floor upstairs and now even the furniture is stacked. For Lost or Not I cast boxes and cases and stacked them “making art.”

Growing up my family didn’t buy new. I guess you could say I was raised in a second-hand world -- sometimes antiques or handmade objects and sometimes just someone else’s castoffs. We were always in search of some wonderful treasure, some quality item from the yester-years that we could get for less than the rickety new thing. We thought you got better quality and craftsmanship and spent less, which meant you could buy more. I still love things. I love finding and collecting and surrounding myself with wonderful things. I think that is why I am a sculptor. Out of art school I went to antique shows instead of going to art galleries. Now I try to find time for both.

I work in wax – rich, warm, chocolate brown, aged, antique-looking microcrystalline wax. Microcrystalline wax is a petroleum by-product that differs from paraffin wax in that it is finer, more viscous and has a higher melting point. To get the desired color requires mixing together casting and sculpting wax. It is heated in slow cookers and painted or poured into molds. Molds made from the things around me that I love or hold dear.


Art imitating life?